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Hey fellow riders,

I have a few problems and really value the knowledge of people who know there stuff.. I dropped my 2004 ZX12R about ayear ago, now have made a custom kart using the heart of the ZX12. However i have some questions and would like to hear your thoughts....By the way this model has the security (red ring) on it.. and yes i have all the keys.

1. I cracked the instrument cluster so want to replace it.... Can i just buy a new or second hand one and plug it in or will the ECU not read it???

2. I have made a new fuel cell and am running the factory pump but not the fuel float.. Will this upset the ECU??

3. what do i need to do to bypass the kick stand switch as it is no longer needed??

4. i have also made a new air intake and i know it needs to be under 'presure' if thats the right word so just wondering how big to make the inlets..

I can send or put up pics if makes anything eaysier.

Thanks guys...

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