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Zx12R need Some advice.

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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to build a Drag bike that will stay Street Legal.
So with licence plate and paperwork.
The bike i got is a Zx12R out 2001.

For now i got the folowing part's ready to bolt on:

Front fork straps and the fork lowered.
Mtc multistage lockup clutch with muzzy clutch pack.
Muzzy inner basket and stock outerbasket modified with steel bands.
MPS airshifter with on board compressor.
And the rear lowering set from roaring toyz.
Kill switch with cord just to be safe.
Stock headers with Sebring muffler.

I am going go start this build this month the stuff just arived.

I think this is a good starting point and i will test out Some Sprockets i was thinking about -1 tooth At the front Sprocket if i dont wheely too much.

For me this is just the start of the bike. I am planning to do more in the future.

I had the folowing questions:

- i think i need to stretch the bike by 6 inches for hard launches. Is this good enough? This amount of stretch i can get Street Legal here in the Netherlands.
I saw photo's with bikes with extensions on the rear and they seem to flex alot at the start. Is it worth getting an extension kit or should i go right away with a new swingarm?
- I always wanted to go with NOS. I am looking for a wet system. Dont start with big Numbers i was thinking about 20-40 shots. Is this a bad idea? Do i need first Some good head work, cams,valve springs? Can the stock engine hold it safely or you guys think that i need a 1270 kit so i got everything fresh and forged pistons. And right away a H-Beam set?

Or am i planning way too big and are 40 wet shots no problem At all?

The bike Will do 4-5 drag weekends a year and Some fun rides and meetings.

Thanks in Advance
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If i go 17 tooth front, i do need to stretch the bike bike right away? Or wouldnt it wheely that much?

I Will replace the stock manifold als the next upgrade because its indeed alot less HP than a full system. There is a company here that maken them custom for the bike. i cant find a muzzy exhaust here in Holland. :(

Thats awesome that i could NOS to 40 shots safe At stock engine. Than i can try that first and go head work and big bore after i tried NOS out. Or if i think now already of going bigger than 40 shots i should start first with engine build and than NOS? Or that doesnt really matter because i just have to change the jets of the nos system if i want to go more NOS. Thanks for your reply!

I hope Someone can help me out with the swingarm/ Extention questions
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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