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ZX9R Transmission Problem 1998

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Wondering if anybody has any knowledge of this problem that I am having, at the end of last summer I bought a ZX9R '98. Seemed to be in good shape, bought it fairly cheap, the only problem it had according to the previous owner was that it needed a clutch. After getting it further looked at it turned out that it needed tranny work, it only seemed to act up when you throttle down in third gear, so needing a winter project I decided to tackle it myself. After removing the motor and splitting the crankase I could see metal shavings but observed absolutely no damage to the transmission, upon removal of the entire unit I did however notice that the side of the shift fork that was against third gear was worn down to almost half, that explained my metal shavings. So my first question, does anyone know what would cause the shift fork to do this, I suspect that the bike was laid down so it could have come dislodged.
My second problem, I bought an entire transmission, with shift drum, shift forks, gearchange mechanism..etc on Ebay. The installation went well, however after putting everything back together, I tried to put the clutch back on and in the end the pressure plate wouldnt go on all the way in, I spent the whole day trying to figure out what was wrong, I finally noticed that the input shaft was about a half inch longer than the the one I took out, I couldnt believe it, so, I cut the new input shaft right down to the exact mm, machined the end and everything went on great. However, I needed to know why my new input shaft was longer, so, after scouring through every post on this site, I found one little section that mentioned that a ZX6R had the exact same transmission as a ZX9R, except the input shaft is longer. Unbelievable, so I am thinking that I have a ZX6R transmission in my bike, does anyone think that if I keep this like this that the ZX6R tranny will fall to pieces when I start riding this bike, thanks in advance.
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I know some of the transmissions are different, most folk try to fit a E or F transmission as the gears are better spaced so the gears engage better, I hear the shaft is slightly longer and something else has to be fitted but can't remember.
I would asume that what you've done should be ok.
Yes, its a common problem and an easy fix, strip and clean the footpeg pivot point and ensure the best position on the shaft into the gearbox for the best positive movement, this is slightly to the rear. I did a picture guide of this over on zx-9r.net. there are lots of other good information posts in that thread.
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