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ZXR750 value

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Hi everyone I'm just looking at getting an idea of the value of some of my dad's bikes. He has 3 ZXR750's 1 of the bikes was used by the kawasaki racing team in Australian superbikes and the other 2 are No. 151 of the M1 road bikes and No. 383. although the 383 has to be put back together.



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I too have no idea on value... But I know there are plenty of zx7 nuts so a I'm sure there is a market for them, and b, I'm sure one of them will chime in.
Yeah the guy with the green twelve in the middle... Lol who was that again?
Rode a stockish one with gearing. Was an awesome bike...

Zx7 zx9 just beg u to go mad... There fun bikes.. Bad for the license points... ;)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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