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Smudge67 03-01-2016 11:52 AM

Z750 2011 wont start f1 light flashing
Hi guys new to this site.so hello .i have a z750 2011.some weeks ago i went to start bike and it would not start.i noticed the f1 light flashing as it cranked over. So i decided to change the plugs and airfilter.after this the bike took some cranking over but did fire Up.i thought this had cured problem. But came to start it next day and same problem re accurred. So i left it for a few days and then went back to start it and so it did.i then got on it while it was running and got iT to the local bike shop.they put there diagnostic on which revealed it was a crank sensor basically coil pick up sensor.so brought one fitted this today and guess what. Still same problem turn ignition on you here the pump prime the fuel injection and then when you crank it over f1 light flashing wont start..but ive noticed a relay buzzing noise when you turn ignition on the pump primes then i hear this buzzing noise comming from the right hand side of the inlet injection side its a black box that operates the throttle .so im totally lost were to look next has any one have any ideas plz.as im ready to take a hammer to it.

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