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Are We (og12owners) becoming a dying breed?

Original owner of a 02 and second owner of 04 that I purchased in 06. Now for the last five years after the accident, I combined the two together to make one. I'm still holding on to the 04 with over 50,000 miles still kicking hard. I'm now 47 still young, I'm NOT getting rid of it. But I see on the Forum not as many people attend. Just curious to know is our loyalty as 12 owners/ enthusiast dying with no followers from the new generation riders.
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My A model has 48000 on it.. Iím 47 as well.. kept a dozen bikes around but Iíve skinned down to 8 as Iím over taking care of em all.. put a buncha miles on an fjr and a Connie this decade and picked up a road glide ultra last fall and doin most of my touring and commuting on it...

August of 2017 I got my final warning from the county Mounties for running around at triple digits so I keep the holiganism on the blacktops..

My son flips shit when I mention selling it and he rides and sells V4 Ducatiís lol

I guess Iíll keep it , resale always sucked on em anyway ... still does ...
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Originally Posted by my12r View Post
He wishes he woulda thought of the green LED's first. He wishes he had balls big enough to ride without a helmet.
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The 12R is an odd bike, it's too fat to be a sports bike and yet it's got none of the qualities of a tourer either (yes tank range, tyre life, seat comfort I'm looking in your direction :rolleyes: )

I'm 46 3/4 I've owned my B2 since 2007, I'll never sell her, in a age when most stuff these days is pretty antiseptic (read boring); The 12R doesn't (on paper at least) look all that great these days, and yet, it has "character" in spades (none of that rider aids nonsense). They don't sound like any other bike out there either, I'm pretty sure most of us know when we hear a 12R long before we see it

Even today, it still a looker, unlike the Fuglybusa with looks only a mother could love

It also, oddly, manages to make most sport bikes look like push bikes
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2005 Silver 12R
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I had my 2005 12 from 2007-2018. After a non-bike related family issue, I decided to make the move from sports bikes to cruisers. I sold my 12 to another forum member here (he is a long time member who doesn't really post much). For me, it was time to slow things down, be more comfortable, and enjoy my rides more.

I wasn't really going triple digits much, mostly highway and commuter miles. I realized that I might as well be more comfortable and enjoy my rides more. So I ended up with a 2009 Honda VTX 1300, and have modified it for comfort (saddle, gps stereo):

But the 12 is an iconic bike, I will always miss it. I didn't really have the room or time for 2 bikes, and I'm sure it would have ended up sitting if I got a cruiser as a second bike.

2005 ZX12R - Sold
2009 Honda VTX 1300R

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60 yrs young here, no plans to part ways with my A1. Sold the A2 with 35K on it, replaced by a R1200RS for those longer rides..
Did many a multiday "tour" on my B1, just tired of the mileage and chain maintenance.. wanted something with real elec cruise and hard bags and better than 29 mpg... LOL

So far as too fat to be a sport bike.. that has never been a problem except at the end of the 5th or 6th run down the Dragon.. forearms and shoulders pump a wee bit!!!

00: Black-n-flamed, Hindle, BMC, Marchesini, Penske, Racetech, EBC, Russell, PCv

RIP Pigpen2000... we'll ride again soon!!
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I'm 50 and just bought my first ZX12R (A1) from it's original owner. These bikes keep us young at heart and mind.

2000 ZX12R (A1) with 14k (Candy Persimmon Red)
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Originally Posted by 71Rcode View Post
I'm 50 and just bought my first ZX12R (A1) from it's original owner. These bikes keep us young at heart and mind.

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I commend those who have kept the 12 and I salute those who are getting the 12. Some say the 12 is out-dated, ( no traction control no abs no bells and whistles) and some say the odd character .I'm an odd person ,odd character ,to hell with being like everybody else I say . I have two nephews coming behind me they still love the 12 and the H2 over anything that's in the streets in 2019. Today there are some new generation motorcycle enthusiasts that don't know about the 12, cuz they're on the hype of the new bikes within the last 3 to 5 years...and those that don't know their bikes have asked me "Man is that an 18 or 19" ..I give 7 chuckles and SMH...then some are in Shock of it's Power still. I shall go down in history as a classic to antique along with my ZX12R and my two door Chevy Tahoe (off topic) and if they ever revamp the 12 and the two-door Tahoe ...I'll be the 1st in line😁... Much Respect and kudos to my 12 Brothers Ride on...
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And I have an A1 12 & 2015 H2, so all bases covered as far as I'm concerned!
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I got my first 12 in late 2006, dont plan on getting rid of them any time soon!

01 ZX-12R 8.84 @ 156.3 on dot tires, NA.... turbo 8.47 @ 164
00 ZX-12R 8.62 @ 165.2 no bars, slicks, 55 shot... turbo 8.32 @ 173
00 ZX-12R 1: 222.046 1.5: 226.390 Worlds Fastest NA Kawasaki
00 ZX-12R street turbo 1: 227.9 1.5: 234.1
00 ZX-12R LSR turbo 1: 263.1 1.5: 266.5 Worlds fastest ZX-12R CMG Racing RCC Turbos
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Here is my take on this topic.... (thought I'm not an original/first owner)

1: The ZX12R bikes are out there. Around where I live I've counted five of them...
2: Forums are sadly a slowly dying internet thing because of Facebook. You can find the same kind of "Forums" on Facebook. It's not only bike forums like this that are slowing down with traffic, the same is happening to car forums. Many people choose to search and get info through Facebook forums these days...
3: I see many of you have written that the ZX12R is heavy and not a sportsbike??? -WTF, really? Here is my take on this topic (Rant mode ON..)... Riding it on the track -Yes it is a heavy hand full, BUT on the road not so much... The road is the equalizer... Problem is that most are riding around with worn out/not serviced OEM fork cartridges/springs and rear shock. A set of aftermarket parts and good tires and damn this thing chews up twisty roads just as good as the "real" sportsbikes. Also many seem hellbent in their thinking that the OEM 6-pot calipers are the best thing on Gods earth. Updated with a set of 4-pot calipers, new MC and high quality discs changes everything! Also just doing a search in this forum most members here are so into installing full exhaust systems and Power Commanders. These two DO NOTHING to make the bike corner and ride better. It's not only here I see this happening. Most X-brand bikers seem to think adding exhaust and PC will make the bike ride better... -NO it won't... Only thing is the noise it makes gets louder and you might get a few more Hp... -Why is this so important??? Damn the bikes from the early 90's and up make more Hp stock than most riders will ever be able to handle... Just someone, please explain why spending money on having a few more Hp is more important than spending money where it really makes a difference - in parts that make the bike handle and stop properly??? (..Rant mode OFF)
4: I'm 44 years young and of all sport bikes I've sat on the ZX12R fit my 186cm and 100kg bulk the best (The "BusaBrou" came in second)

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@Mefirst...I can agree with ya to a certain extant...I'm streached and low..and mostly and around town , the strip , the commute , twisty here n there all with in my fun fear factor...Man we did what we do and still in the game...idgaf..power is power....hell who got that dang car all souped up and don't see that FULL potential and money spent...smh.. Do ya thang , to each in his own....let's just enjoy Life and have fun with and for the things we have in common....
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@Mefirst yes I agree with what you say, but when you're coming down a mountain pass into hairpins you can really feel the weight of the 12.
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For Tech Questions Bike Model letters and Country are more useful than saying the year, for UK owners anyway, as registration year is not always the year of manufacturer model.
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Sure can...

Put on brand new EBC pads and rotors on the front a few days before my last trip to the dragon in 2017..

My son was on a strong running Daytona 955i , he was out breaking me and out turning me..

I pushed the 12 hard and we made some good passes , kept the some liter bikes honest too, those EBC rotors were fried in 800 miles though lol...

Iíd bet Iíve been through a half dozen sets of front rotors over the years..

You can feel the weight when you are breaking and turning her..

Originally Posted by my12r View Post
He wishes he woulda thought of the green LED's first. He wishes he had balls big enough to ride without a helmet.
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Thumbs up Still my main go to moto

I have a 2005 ZX-12R I acquired from the original owner in 2007. It only had 1998 on the clock when I got it. The original owner had installed a full titanium exhaust and power commander. I love this bike and have not modded it except for a steering stabilizer which is nice. In 2009 I had this ZX-12R and also a 2004 ZRX1200R that was sweet with flat slide carbs and ZZR cams. I needed cash and had to make a choice, the ZRX was sold. Thats how much I love my ZX-12R. I am 62 and have been riding bike legally (with a license) since I was 14. I also have and H2 like several of you guys have as well, but mine is the two stroke three cylinder version I bought new in 1972. It doesn't run but is being debated in my head now for a total off the frame restoration. I will never sell my ZX-12R, I can't really say why, but I love this bike!
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