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Mefirst 10-08-2019 04:25 PM

Question for you guys who are running aftermarket wheels...
Ok... So my insanity has reached new levels.... I am looking into buying a set of OZ Piega wheels for my bike. That is, well not the major issue... or may be it should be... Any way... The problem I have found out with the aftermarket wheels, is that they all have this issue (Marchesini, OZ, BSB), the issue is with the sprockets. The rear sprocket has a weird dimension, well, in the case to run aftermarket wheels on a 12 they do....

I can easily find steel sprockets with a 520 chain pitch, BUT problem is, the front OEM sprocket of the the 12 has a 530 pitch... so major issue right there... I have searched the "Google" and tried to find a front sprocket that fits the 12 and that has a 520 pitch, but they seem not to exist.. -Has any one found one? If so where and do you have a brand name and part # ??

Ok... So now I'm looking for 530 pitch steel sprocket, the only company/brand I can find is SUPERLITE RS7... I know aftermarket wheels are more for pure race use, but damn, only one company makes a 530 pitch steel sprocket??

I would like to run a 520 pitch chain and front/rear sprocket, but if that won't happen, then be it the 530 steel sprocket and with the 530 pitch chain...

Any one else run into this issue and how did you solve it?


/Tom >:)

color me gone 10-08-2019 04:42 PM

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Webike sells 520 counter sprockets for the 12.
I have bought a few. 17 and 18 tooth. No issues.
Sun star sprockets I believe.

Vortex and Sprocket Specialists sell 530 pitch for
Marvic and BST. I have both.
Afam has sprockets for dymag ,bst and Marchesini, 530 and 520.


Mefirst 10-08-2019 05:43 PM

Thanks CMG :grin2: -That was fast!

I did not have any luck finding the 520 pitch front (counter) sprocket.. I did check the Web!ke page, but I totally missed that SunStar sprocket... This makes everything easier..

About the rear sprockets, that was not a really an issue. A brand named PBR makes a 520 pitch steel rear sprocket that fit the OZ/Marchesini/Etc. wheels. That is what I will buy (found it locally) and now that you helped me find that SunStar 520 pitch counter sprocket :grin2:

Thank You again for the help!!!

/Tom >:)

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