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MikeZX7R 03-12-2016 06:47 AM

Ninja -98 slimming project
Im into a weight-saving-project with my ZX7R-98, and could need a few inputs from you experts here : )

So far i have replaced:
Battery: OEM 4,2 kg, Shorai Lithium 0,68 = weight loss 3,52 kg
Swing: OEM 8,8 kg, ZX9 6,1 kg = weight loss 2,7 kg
Rear wheel: OEM 14,7 kg, ZX6 ca 12 kg = weight loss 2,7 kg
Rear caliper: OEM 1,6 kg, ZX6 1,35 kg = weight loss 0,25 kg
Rear sprocket+hub: OEM 2,26 kg, ZX6 m. lite sprocket ca 1,8 kg = weight loss 0,46 kg
Front sprocket: OEM ?, Light steel 0,14 kg= weight loss ?
Chain: OEM ?, DID 520 Race 1,68 kg= weight loss ?
Slip-on: OEM 4,8 kg, Micron Carbon 1,8 kg = weight loss 3 kg

In total so far approximately 13 kgs.

My problem then is that i have three different ZX-models involved in the rear: swingarm-wheel-caliper.
Motorcycle and frame is ZX7R-98, swingarm from ZX9R-00, wheel and caliper from ZX6R- 00.

It seems that getting the ZX6-wheel to fit into the ZX9-swingarm is not a walk in the park. I dont get a straight chain-line even with a bunch of different spacers and washers at hand.

So - does anyone here know what wheel would fit into my ZX9 swingarm without too much engineering? Is there any lighter than ZX9-wheel that fits more bolt-on than my present ZX6 one?

I do know that ZX10 rear wheel is very light, but does it fit in a ZX9 swing?

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