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Shane218 10-20-2016 08:59 PM

2000 zx9r backfire
Hey guys hope you can help, I recently purchased a 2000 zx9r she runs pretty good other than when ridding the bike it back fires quite a bit so I pulled off float bowl on carbs and cleaned the jets and still the same?? Plz help

jhinderliter 10-21-2016 07:13 AM

it back fires when you are on the gas?

michael phillips 10-26-2016 12:24 PM

Hi Shane,

A back fire can be caused by one or more problems, here's a few ideas to hope fully get you going,

1) check for blockages in the entire exhaust system

2) check all spark plugs are firing and all coil packs/ht leads(depending on your system set up) you can purchase an inline spark tester to do this.

3) deterioration of carburetor/throttle body rubbers both ends air filter/and manifold end e.g splits/cracks in them they tend to go hard over time.

4) incorrect fuel/air mixture (if yours is carb set up try resetting them) throttle body set up could be a sensor fault/faulty injector etc. and if carb set possible worn needle/jets or internal damage,split diaphragms.

5) check valve clearances

6) check condition of air filters/airfilter box and ducting pipework (e.g not blocked,damaged etc)

7) check condition of you stator and charging system I had it on a zx10r where stator/alternator was failing(causing misfires/backfires) hope this helps,

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