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Randy B 06-04-2019 10:14 AM

1994 zx9r fuel pump not priming
I have a 1994 zx9r , I bought the bike from a man who was the only owner for the bike and it only has about 12k miles on it . The bike starts up and runs if I spray starting fluid straight to the carbs . But the only problem I have from the bike is that the fuel pump doesn’t prime... when I turn the key over it doesn’t make that vibrating sound from the fuel pump as it should . Can anyone help! I looked all over the internet and still nothing ... this is my last hope before I take it to a shop . The reason I never took it to a shop because I don’t trust them .. SOMEONE HELP! Thanks

Randy B 06-20-2019 02:48 PM


4ftswells 08-13-2019 07:03 PM

Id check fuel pump relay under the seat

ninjayorkie 08-14-2019 12:56 AM

Sorry, Forget this, I was typing from memory.

True bit. The B1/2 fuel pumps were wired differently to the B3/4 and will only prime when the start button is pressed and starter motor relay power is supplied. Rest a finger on the pump and feel for it working.

Wrong bit, but would work on the B3/4 and later zx-9rs."If all the starter interlocks are working then you could put the bike in gear with the side stand down and press the starter button, the starter motor should not turn over because of how the interlocks work but the fuel pump should prime. Have the back wheel on a paddock stand just in case the interlocks are not working as you donít want the bike leaping forward."

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